Data Wave 2024 - Maputo

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The partnership with DataWave goes beyond the event itself - it's an integrated campaign with media and multiple touchpoints that effectively positions your brand in front of our digitally savvy audience.
Meet your next customers from a highly targeted group of well-qualified prospects
Data Wave is no ordinary technology event - it's a networking forum where brilliant minds come together to share innovative ideas, debate future prospects and celebrate the future of technology.

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Why Data Wave

Enthusiasts and Professionals passionate about immersing themselves in a sea of data. Storytellers through the information generated. Data Miners

Discussion boards

Bringing Brilliant Minds Together, Let's Shake/Drive the data ecosystem with intense debates and innovative ideas, Themes that shape the future of technology

Impactful keynotes

Get ready to be inspired by creative minds from Professionals in the area, implementing real cases from the world of Data in your presentations, challenging you to think outside the box innovative with unlimited possibilities


Practical and Immersive Sessions, Designed to immerse you in the Hands-on development, where you can explore new technologies, develop new skills and be ready to apply creative solutions to the data world